1. What does O’Brien offer to Winston?

1. What does O’Brien offer to Winston? 

2. Describe how Winston is supposed to retrieve the item from O’Brien.

3. Show why going to O’Brien’s home is important to Winston.

4. Analyze how O’Brien flatters and tries to bond with Winston. 

5. Generalize why Winston does not plan to immediately retrieve the item from O’Brien. 

6. Evaluate Winston’s belief, “The end was contained in the beginning.” 

1. What rare emotional reaction does Winston display when he awakes?

2. Discuss how Winston had previously dealt with memories of separating from his mother. 

3. Describe Oceania in Winston’s childhood. 

4. Examine Winston’s childhood reaction to the shortage of food. Do you believe that he was acting selfishly or appropriately toward his mother and sister? 

5. Compare the forced-labor camps and Reclamation Centers of Winston’s youth to the Holocaust concentration camps of World War II. 

6. Formulate how successful the Party was at ridding Winston of his feelings. How has this changed over the course of the novel? 

7. Assess the irony in Winston’s view of the proles. 

8. From Julia and Winston’s perspective, explain the difference between confession and betrayal. 

9. What does Winston expect to keep to himself when he is in the Ministry of Love?