Can someone achieve a grade of a A on a reasearch analysis paper?


Your essay should be at least two full, typed pages and must also include a “Works Cited” page that includes at least two sources. Use MLA format. I do not want a cover page. You may turn in the paper early.  I require that you submit your paper using Microsoft Word.  DO NOT USE ANY OTHER DOCUMENT OTHER THAN WORD.


Choose a short story found in our textbook that you want to study and analyze. Choose one!  Create an argument or thesis concerning some aspect of the story you chose.  You are not limited to certain topics, but you are limited to the stories found in your textbook.

I would recommend that you read, research, and write. Read your story and pay attention to details concerning symbolism, theme, and other literary devices. Research critiques about your story that help you develop an argument or thesis. Much of this can be done through the library databases on any of MGCCC’s campuses.  Write paragraphs about your argument or thesis. After you have done these three things, organize your thoughts into a formatted paper, including an introduction and a conclusion.

***This is not a summary of the story. This should be a paper where you are explaining points that are not obvious to the reader and using research to back up your ideas. You will receive an F if it is merely a summary of what happened in the story. I want to know what ideas you came up with and use the sources to support or contradict your thoughts. 

Ex. In the story “The Lottery, one can see how the black box could represent and evilness within the community because no one wants to keep it around them. According to Dr. Jon Wilkes, “The black box represents the oppressive nature of the community.” (Wilkes, 92)

This example includes the reader’s thoughts and uses literary critic’s knowledge to support the assertion. The in-text citation is also included. The information about the article will be on the works cited page. 

There are examples of this type of paper in your book.

Refer to chapters 41 and 42 on how to write about literature. There are some great example essays within these chapters.

Good luck, and email me if you have any questions.

These are some ideas that may help you decide on what you want to focus on. Feel free to use any story found in your textbook. (Getting started can be the hardest part.)

List and explain three different themes found in a story.


Character analysis- What three characteristics make this character who he/she/it is? Explain and use research to back up your points.

Compare and contrast two different characters from two stories. Explain their similarities and weaknesses.

Mode and tone -(The Lottery)

 Irony (Harrison Bergeron)

Note: I have read and researched these stories for many years. Do not plagiarize! You must use other criticisms, but be sure to cite quoted and paraphrased material.  At least 70% of your paper should be your ideas with no more than 30% of the paper being research that you use to back-up your ideas.