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I agree that there is much more to presenting than just the use of voice.  Anyone can talk but are they worth listening too?  An audience needs to have more than one sense engaged.  Visuals matter as well, whether in the form of graphics, pictures, or action of the presenter.  If its possible to engage smell, taste, or touch that can be helpful as well.  

One of my college experiences that I initially dreaded but ended up enjoying was in my public speaking class.  Our final grade was contingent on our studying a culture and then presenting to our classmates.  We had to bring something for the class to enjoy, not just get up and talk.  One of my first mentors was my Japanese boss at the first credit union I worked at.  I chose to present the culture of Japan and she helped me. She provided me with pen pal books from the 1940’s, women’s magazines from earlier and current periods, AND she made fried rice.  I got to share a culture that I was interested in, but even better was learning from classmates about other cultures through food, pictures, and experience.