communication 3

Imagine this is a question you’re being asked in a job interview for a position you greatly desire.  In other words, it’s essential you answer it to the very best of your ability.  Ensure your answer is limited to five-six sentences and includes an example of a specific context.  


Write your chosen profession in the subject line of your post.  


replay for this one 

write what u thing about her work ? down there is an example

The promotion of goodwill is important in technical services. When it comes to information technology, there is a lot of competition amongst different companies. Keeping goodwill keeps technical standards high amongst the workers even through stressful times. In essence, goodwill brings a high level of consistency in the workplace along with show of good faith. In a broad spectrum, this promotes a positive outlook along with positive results.


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Good will holds great importance in the field of child protection in social work. The removal of children can be an extremely hard task to complete. Emotions are high before, during, and after the removal. Keeping good will predominant in the workplace brings comfort and reassurance to children as they are transitioning into their new environments. Good will also keeps moral high amongst workers through critical periods. Good will promotes high levels of transparency, support, and communication through positive perception. Perception of a situation affects how each individual involved feels and thinks. Maintaining a positive perception and good will promotes positive results. 


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I totally agree with your example. As a fellow classmate taking social work as well, good will is such an important aspect to the work that we will do one day.