Diagnostic Assignment You are to write an essay using proper essay form, following the 6 + 1 Trait ideals.

 Diagnostic Assignment

You are to write an essay using proper essay form, following the 6 + 1 Trait ideals. Although you should do your best writing in all areas, for the first semester, you will be evaluated primarily upon Ideas, Organization, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions. Although there is no specific length requirement, you must complete the idea of the assignment. That should require at least 500 words, and probably will take more to do a really good job. Section 3 of this unit shows you exactly how you will be evaluated. If the paper is not of sufficient length for the teacher to evaluate your writing, it will not be scored!

Remember: This essay evaluates your writing; if your essay is primarily a collection of quotes of the facts provided to you, then you have not met the requirements of the assignment.

Grade: You will get 100 Points for doing this assignment. You will get all for the possible points provided that you submit an honest attempt at an essay that is long enough for the teacher to evaluate.

Assignment Topic

You are to support an opinion related to the use of tobacco by teens in America. On the next page of this unit, you will find supporting facts to use in forming your argument. You will find more facts there than you really need. Part of your assessment will be your ability to pick out the supporting facts you need and disregard the ones you don’t need. Although the sources for your facts are identified for you, you are not required to use any research paper-type documentation for this assignment.

Make sure you hand in your essay in a word processing format your teacher can read. To be safe, you are advised to use RTF when in doubt. The introductory materials in this course explain how to create an RTF file from any word processing program in the world.