Directions: Retype the following material into letter form. Use full-block format, mixed punctuation, and the current date. Watch for proper…


  • ▸ Retype the following material into letter form.
  • ▸ Use full-block format, mixed punctuation, and the current date.
  • ▸ Watch for proper paragraphing, placement, and mechanics.
  • ▸ Use letterhead paper.
  • ▸ Carefully mark your book where you think the paragraph breaks should be. Ask yourself whether they follow the pattern you have just learned. If they do not, consider some different breaks. Remember that there is sometimes more than one choice for a new paragraph break.
  • ▸ On a separate sheet of paper, type an explanation for that paragraph break, and turn it in with your letter.

The letter is from Steven A. Flores, MD, and is to another physician, Willard R. Beets, at 7895 West Sherman Street, San Diego, California 92111.

Dear Dr Beets. I saw Mr Tim Molton, your patient, in my office yesterday afternoon. As you will recall, Mr Molton is a 49-year-old professional gardener who came to see you with a chronic cough and a history of expectoration of a whitish material. He brought the x-rays from your office with him, and I noted a fossa on the superficial surface of his lung. He was afebrile today and stated that he had been so since the onset of his symptoms. He did not complain of pain but did experience some dyspnea on exertion and some shortness of breath. I did not carry out a physical examination, but I did skin test him for both tuberculosis and coccidioidomycosis. I did not give him a prescription for any medication and will wait until we get the results of his skin tests. It seems to me that your diagnosis of his problem is correct, so we will proceed with that in mind. As you probably know, valley fever is endemic to San Diego; and since Mr Molton was born and raised in New York State, he could be very susceptible. You may tell his employer that if he does have valley fever, he will have to convalesce for a month to six weeks, after which time he should be fully able to return to his normal duties. I will keep you posted on the results of his tests. Thank you very much for letting me help you with Mr Molton’s problem. Sincerely.