For this discussion compare the documentary, The Cats of Mirikitani directed by Linda Hattendorff and the narrative film, Snow Falling On Ceders directed by Scott Hicks.  Comparison and contrast discussions compare and explain how two or more subjects are alike and/or different.  In some cases the discussion will draw comparisons between similarities and then explore the differences.  

The two films must have a basis for comparison that makes the comparison or contrast logical.  Here we are comparing a factual, historical and political documentary about race and discrimination and a narrative (story), period piece reflecting many of the same issues.  A rhetorical question may be used to drive your discussion.  For example, “Does Scott Hicks believe that we can overcome racial barriers and prejudices in our society.”   You may formulate your own question(s) to drive your discussion. 

The wording of a thesis can suggest an order and emphasis of an essay’s ideas.  Consequently, it is helpful to introduce the thesis i(main point) into the introduction of your essay.

One might choose to compare Cinematic Technique(s) such as camera use, lighting or editing to convey information and theme.  

  • Remember Transitions in comparison and contrast essays are essential and are often used to signal the movement from one subject to another.  
  • Directional Words for transitions in Comparison/Contrast paragraph patterns:  In contrast, on the other hand, advantages, disadvantages, however, to compare differences, but, similarly, both films, similarities are just a few of the directional words one can choose to guide your reader.  
  • Be sure to support your generalizations with specific examples.  
  • Length (1-2 Pages)