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You know what to do by now, right?  Please make your INITIAL POST BY MIDNIGHT ON MONDAY, APRIL 24th.  Then, of course, look over what others have said and make your TWO (TWO IS THE MINIMUM) FOLLOWUP POSTS BY WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26th.  Then, comment on your received comments…add remarks, ask and answer questions, etc., based upon what others posted under your initial posting from Monday BY FRIDAY, APRIL 28th.  We’ll make this board classwide, and I will do my best to throw in some of my own comments if at all possible as well.  Your followup posts may be on each other’s words or on my own “red ink” comments if I can make any!  Please try to give people down the list some love…don’t make the discussion board a huge top heavy Jenga!

1. Once again, comment on anything within the “lecture” that caught your attention, you agree with, you disagree with, that surprised you, etc.  Ask questions, answer questions with your theories, and so on.  Find something to comment upon or to ask…typing “I don’t have anything to say” will NOT earn you points.

2. As you consider this question, please DO NOT bring up anything out of the later chapters if you have read this book or seen a film version of Gatsby, okay?  I don’t think too many of you are just DYING to find out what is going to happen with the plot of the book, but a the same time I don’t want anyone to just give away things that have yet to happen on the printed page, either.  With that in mind, as chapter 6 closes, what do you as a reader want to have happen to Gatsby?  What do you, as the audience of the book, personally wish to see as Gatsby’s involvement with Daisy progresses and deepens, and as you see more of their past?  Naturally, you cannot just give me a line or two for this and that is all…explain what you wish to see, and WHY you think/feel that way.  Again, if you know how the story does reach a conclusion, please DO NOT write something to give away happenings from later chapters!