Eng 102 research paper 6-8 page (Three process-step one,three potential research topics)

Post three potential research topics, ultimately you will have to choose one.  For each topic write one brief paragraph that explains your interest.  Then pose three research questions and a tentative thesis statement for each topic.  Create a thesis that takes a stand on an issue or offers insight, as opposed to merely presenting information.  Note the difference:

1.  The rainforest has several different types of plants.  (Informative)

2.  The United States government must play a greater role in protecting the rainforest.  (argumentative)

Finally, identify any possible sources at this point, such as books, journals, films, audio interviews, etc.  Please stay away from topics that are overly done, such as Abortion and the Death Penalty.

Please feel free to come back to the Research Paper Forum as often as possible to ask questions, offer peer feedback, and provide updates on your progress. 

Recommendation:  For inspiration, I encourage students to check out Ted.com and SIRS Researcher Database in the CCC online library.