English 2 Essay – 3 pages

Essay 2 – The Changing Landscape of Work in the Twenty-first Century

The readings you will use for this essay come from Chapter 12, “The Changing Landscape of Work.”

Using the readings in this chapter, write an essay that answers this question: What are the attributes/characteristics of workers who are most likely to succeed in the workplace of the Twenty-first Century?

You will not find a list of attributes, but by reading all of the assigned essays, you should have some good ideas about what Twenty-first Century workers should know and what skills they need to be successful.  Try to narrow it down to three or four attributes.  Note that you can move beyond the 5-paragraph structure. You may need a couple of paragraphs to adequately discuss each attribute. You may choose to discuss five attributes rather than three.  Discuss which attributes you think are the most important for success.

150 points


  • 4 direct quotations from the readings in chapter 12 with in-text citations. Introduce each quote a signal phrase identifying the author. Include the page number in parentheses. 
  • a Works Cited page  
  • Follow the organizational outline provided below
  • Your paper should be 1000 words (approximately 3-4 pages). Use Word or Rich Text Format.
  • Be sure to use appropriate MLA heading (see Model Critique) and double space.
  • Write in academic 3rd person (no “you” or “I”.  Use a worker, person, or employee.)

Be sure you have read Chapter 3, “Thesis, Introduction, and Conclusion,” before starting this essay. Note that you will need an effective thesis, an introduction that uses one of the strategies presented in the chapter, and a conclusion that uses one of the strategies presented in the chapter. The body of your essay should be several paragraphs with strong topic sentences.

Your thesis statement must be the last sentence of the introduction.  It cannot be in question form.  

Organize the body of your essay not by the sources but by the attributes.  Follow this outline.