english L D 7

“The Bluest Eye”

Here is a link for the book:


For this post, I would like you to put ideas, themes, and issues from Morison’s novel in a productive dialogue with works, concepts, and writers from earlier in the semester. 

While the topics you explore are wide open, I am looking for you to make a productive comparison between the texts.

Possible approaches:

  • A comparison of representations across multiple works (e.g., How is physical beauty represented differently in Morrison and Larson? Is it treated more like a blessing or a curse? Are the novels making the similar arguments or do their themes stand in contrast to one another?)
  • A comparison between characters in different works (e.g., How does Cholly Breedlove compare to the the male characters in Huston’s stories? Are both authors similarly skeptical of patriarchal authority?
  • A comparison between the style/structure of different works (e.g., How does Fitzgerald’s use of multiple perspectives compare with what how Morrison tells the story of Pecola?)
  • A look at a text in terms of how it draws from or compares to earlier aesthetic movements (e.g., does The Bluest Eye seem to refute or endorse naturalism’s instance on environmental determinism?

Of course, these are just examples and I encourage you to come up with comparative approaches that you find compelling. 

I need 250 words please NO OUTSIDE SOURCES just use the book please

Due within 32 hours from now