”Everyday Use” by alice walker story.. please look at my homework nd reply me with your quote

                                                                                                                                                                                        2.1.11 Study: Explore Essay Writing: Argument                                                                                                                                                                                                                         This study sheet will help you to write a rough draft of the writing assignment that you will revise later on…answer the following questions as you work through your study to build a strong and successful essay. Your AssignmentWrite an argument about who gains the most (emotionally and symbolically) by the end of the story “Everyday Use.” You will . . .

  • Choose the character you believe gains the most.
  • Write a precise claim for your argument.
  • Support your claim with evidence from the story.

1. Explain which character you believe gains the most (emotionally and symbolically) by the end of the story — the mother, Dee, or Maggie.2. What claim would you like to make about the character you have chosen? Write that claim here.3. Add to your claim above to make it both specific and powerful. Make sure it remains debatable. And remember, you have a prompt that provides some options to help you.4. Look through Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” again, review your study notes from earlier in the lesson, and make a list of everything your chosen character has gained by the end of the story.5. Now, choose the best answer from question 4 to expand. Then, look back through the story and your study notes, and find three places in the text where you see evidence of what you argue the character gains. Remember, a piece of evidence supports part of your claim. Include a quote (with quotation marks) from each place.6. Take your three pieces of evidence or your three quotes and then add two or three sentences analyzing each one. Why is this a strong piece of evidence? What does it show the reader? How does it prove your point? Separate each one into its own paragraph. You should have three paragraphs consisting of four or five sentences each.7. Write a sentence briefly explaining what theme is.8. In a sentence or two, briefly explain symbol and symbolism.9. Looking at the three paragraphs you wrote in response to question 6, explain what the theme, or big idea, of the story is. Write two or three sentences.10. Now, try writing your first body paragraph.11. Now, repeat the process for your second body paragraph.12. Finally, repeat the same process for your third body paragraph.13. Now, try writing an introduction paragraph.14. Reread your introduction and body paragraphs. How can you wrap this essay up? Try writing a conclusion paragraph. Remember to restate your claim, and to touch on why you believe your claim is correct. You might also try pointing out what this tells us about the story as a whole. What is Alice Walker showing us about cultural identity?15. Now you have a draft of your essay. Try putting all five paragraphs here, adding transitions whenever you need in order to connect the ideas and paragraphs.Copyright © 2014 Apex Learning Inc. (See 
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