FLOVODOH ONLY !!!! 5 Page Essay Due Friday Read: Ashwin Desai, We are the Poors:

5 page brief on We are the Poors due next week: Develop an analytical discussion of this book in relation to the larger themes of “globalization and resistance”.  What does the author mean by “the poors”?  How has the struggle for justice and inequality in South Africa developed since the end of apartheid?  What has changed, according to the author?  Why in the author’s view and in your analysis did the leadership of the anti-apartheid struggle betray the poor?  How is this case study on South Africa related to globalization, global capitalism, and to the larger themes we have been covering in the course (globalization, international working class movement, global immigrant justice movement, indigenous and anti-racist struggles, etc)?  YOU SHOULD NOT MERELY ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS, WHICH ARE MERELY TO HELP GUIDE YOU.  YOU MUST WRITE AN ANALYTICAL 

Read:  Ashwin Desai, We are the Poors: