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You may think of arguments as negative confrontations where two or more people cannot come to a reasonable resolution of their perceived differences. Argument, though, can be positive in the context of advocating the need for change. While you may be passionate about an idea for change, you will also want to be precise in how you design your argument in order to influence how a person thinks about your idea for change. 

For this unit’s Discussion, you will use the Toulmin Model to analyze your argument for change.

Before submitting your post, please review the following podcast, “Argument and the Toulmin Model,” The transcript is available at 

Then, respond to the following prompts in at least two well-developed paragraphs:

  • Share your revised thesis statement and identify the claim and warrant in that statement. Will the audience be likely to agree with your warrant, and if not, how might you revise the thesis?
  • Which of the logical appeals might be most useful to emphasize, and what logical fallacies might you need to avoid with this argument? 

Here is an example of a thesis statement with the claim and warrant:
Thesis: The United States should abolish capital punishment because it does not reduce the crime rate.
Claim: The United States should abolish capital punishment.
Warrant: (may not be directly stated): If something does not reduce the crime rate, then it should not be used.

Discussion 2

As seen in the Learning Activities, conducting research can be a time-intensive process. However, there are various methods that may help you conduct research more efficiently. This evidence can be categorized as primary, secondary, or tertiary sources. Primary research is based on first-hand observations and interpretations; in secondary research, you have to rely on another writer’s ability to find and analyze information. Tertiary sources like encyclopedias and bibliographies offer overviews of a topic. It is ideal to have a research strategy or plan in place before jumping into looking for sources. In this Discussion, you will build your research strategy. 

After completing the unit’s Learning Activities, respond to the following questions in at least two well-developed paragraphs:

·     Include the revised version of your thesis statement for an argument for change in your community or workplace, and identify at least three search terms you can use in the KU Library or an Internet search engine to find sources to support that thesis statement.

·     Find one source related to your topic. Is that source primary, secondary, or tertiary?  What criteria will help you decide if this source is credible and useful for your research?

·     Finally, create an APA formatted References page citation for the source.