for Michelle only

This assignment reinforces the fundamental mission of University of Phoenix to promote intellectual growth. As members of the academic community, we have a shared responsibility to promote academic honesty and the ethical use of source materials. 

Review the following resources before completing the assignment:

  • The Plagiarism Tutorial
  • Avoiding Plagiarism Mastery Test
  • Student Code of Academic Integrity
  • Plagiarism Checker and Manual
  • Ch. 2 of Connections

Write a 270- to 350-word (1-page) essay in a Microsoft® Word document on the topic of academic integrity.

Discuss academic integrity by responding to the following:

  • What are three examples of infractions that violate the Student Code of Academic Integrity?
  • How might a SMART goal help you avoid infractions against the code? Write a SMART goal to demonstrate.
  • Why is integrity important in both academic and professional life? How do you put integrity into practice in both your academic and professional life?
  • Discuss the resources on plagiarism available to you as student. Which is the most useful? Why?