Guys Vs Men Discussion Board

please read the files that i post then answered my six qusetion

1. Barry’s humor plays off gross stereotypes about men.  List several stereotypes you find in this essay, and briefly tell us what you think about them…are they true?  False?  The best of male behavior?  The worst?  Something in between?  Comment in some way on these stereotypes.

2. Barry employs a lengthy analogy involving his dog Zippy to explore the moral behavior of guys.  Discuss this analogy and comment upon it, focusing on the observations that seem especially apt.

3. What is your overall opinion of this essay and why?  Is it funny to you?  Realistic?  Some combination?  Tries to be funny and fails?  Is it insulting?  Say what you think of the essay, and explain why you have that impression.

4. Since your final essay links up to this idea very closely, what can you say about this essay’s ideas when thinking about characters from The Great Gatsby?  Do you see these traits in any of the characters?  Which people at which times in the novel are guys, and when are they men? (This is where you kind of get overlap from earlier writing, but bear with me here.)

5. Do you know anyone in your real life that matches the descriptors of being a guy, as detailed in the essay?  If so, relate an anecdote you don’t mind others reading.

6 .For your last Gatsbybased discussion board question, please read my lecture for the week, and comment upon it in any way you wish.  Did you notice any of those things I discuss as you were reading the novel?  Do you disagree with the interpretations described there?  Do you have other questions of any sort about the book now that you are done?  Make some sort of statement/comment about the last lecture!