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I think the coaches of the games at college should be paid according to the level of activity of the game they are involved in. For example the basketball and football college league is extensive and therefore the coaches are involved for most part of the year, thus they should be paid more. For volleyball and swimming the seasons are intermittent and last for short periods and thus should be paid more.

As for the National league games, since the games are commercial and professional the players should be paid according to the amount of crowd they attract. The male league has a large number of fans hence players deserve more pay than the female league. The wages of the players is controlled by market forces alone. For example players like Kobe Byrant are paid higher than other regular players because they are considered more valuable to the team.


Child care should be provided to employees who have children only. Those who do not have children should not be paid more for not having children. Suppose the company decides to pay higher for those without children then the challenge will be by how much more. Child care is a very dynamic cost and varies from child to child.