Humanities Culural essay on emotions that Facebook brings about

The essay is 1400 words and must include :The theme is Facebook and it’s effect on culture. Relate it to specific facebook cultural pages and how facebook itself is a cultural phenonemon. 

  • Explain the theme you chose and why it’s worth exploring
  • Describe each of the three expressions of this theme you have chosen, embedding images if possible. This must be three different disciples of humanities (isual art, music, dance, poetry, prose, theater, film, religion). You will need actual examples of these.
  • Explain each of the representations. Incorporate Plato’s allegory of the cave somehow. 
  • Assess the effectiveness or impact of the three representations in conveying your chosen theme using course concepts (How well did the representation present the concept? How effective was it? What impact did this representation have? What elements from the representation amplify your chosen theme and why?)
  • Relate proper citations for any references you consultAPA format with cover page. Assignment will be checked for plagarism and a backcharge will result if it has been plagarized. This MUST be completely original work.