Informal Essay on Higher education

you are asked to write critical responses to the readings by offering your own insights and opinions about the works in each grouping. In other words, these assignments require you to read through the works in order to know exactly what each author is saying (picture all of the authors in the set as sitting at a table having a discussion); once you do this, then picture your response as being yet one more voice at the table engaged in the discussion. Thus, your response needs to be insightful, concise, comprehensive, and highly opinionatedâyet written entirely in the third person voice (of which all 1302 students should be capable of doing). While IA responses are informal, this means grammatical errors here and there will not affect your grade (within reason, given the fact that your writing should generally be at 1302-level and not entry level for 1301). Acceptable and strong papers will not attempt to merely retell what the authors are saying (which would be a very weak response if that is all they did); rather, strong responses will briefly and concisely capture the thesis/claim of each essay, along with other key elements of a âToulmin Argumentâ (see chapter 8 for everything you need to know about Toulmin arguments and the six elements associated with them). Essay must be at least 1-2 pages, I have attached readings that goes with this essay, you can only use the readings