Narrative Essay

Choose 1 and construct a narrative essay of around 800 words in the model of The New York Times “Lives” essays from the document attached.

You must use a central story to illustrate a larger understanding of relationships or ideas. The essay may feature other people, but it must be in the first person. Don’t try to tell your whole life story. 

You must come to a conclusion about a broader meaning for the story told in your essay. You don’t need to explicitly state your conclusion, but the reader (me) must be able to infer some larger meaning about your story.

Use concrete (specific) details and/or dialogue to make your story resonate with the readers. 

Double-spaced with numbered pages                                                                                                        

In Times New Roman 12-point font

Title your paper, but do not make a separate title page. Keep your paper’s title in 12-

point Times New Roman, and center it before the paper’s body, but do not use the bold or italics function.

Document your sources & use correct citation form MLA format