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The Lower Canada Rebellion was the more serious and violent of the two. Louis-Joseph Papineau and his fellow rebels (notably his Patriotes and French-Canadian nationalists) led the charge against Roman Catholic Church, the British governor, and his advisers (Buckner). Their demands had included control over the spending of colonyâs revenues and more responsible government. The rejection of their democratic political plea, combined with the depression of the 1830s for French-Canadian farmers and increased tension in urban centers, resulted in protest rallies which gave rise to armed violent insurrection (Buckner). Skirmishes and battles broke out in 1837 between the rebels and trained British regular forces. After the rebels were defeated, the rebel leaders (including Papineau) fled to the US. Another rebellion followed in 1838 lead by Papineau and fellow rebels with aid from American volunteers (Buckner). This assault also failed due to disorganization.

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