i want a full paraphrase for these qustions 

*it’s due with in houre from the aggrement

A.    For a company, what do you consider the biggest threat?

Nowadays there are a lot of threat that considers as a critical threat for companies such as rogue system administrators, who have access to servers and data and can leak some information, cyber-attack, etc. However, I think the third party which provides the technology services for companies that cannot manage to have their own. The companies that proved the service can have access to the information to the other companies. So, the information can be leaked throw these companies. Because these enterprises can be under attack.  

B.    For an individual, what do you consider the biggest threat?

 For an individual, mobile malware considers as a serious issue because an individual does not take it seriously and do not protect their devices from it. Mobile malware is developing so fast which make it goes throw the mobile software and data easily more over keeping devices without firewall. This will make it easier to the hacker to access into your device.   

C.    Give a good description and summary of what you feel the biggest threats are, based on this document.

 According to the document, “McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Report” & “McAfee Labs 2017 Treats Predictions”, Trojanized legitimate apps which are on increasing now are one of the largest threat that companies and individual would be challenged. Moreover mobile malware are also another threat which people and businesses can face. People are depending on their self-phone more than PC so if the self-phone is hacked this can be serious issue especially for people who are in high position and there are a lot of ensamples for that in our real live.