Phd isaac Newton


Distinguish between various factions/denominations within Christianity (Catholic/Protestant/Orthodox/etc) and their impact on mainstream (dominant) expression of how Christianity is viewed by those on the “outside.” 

Consider the viewpoints we saw represented in Once I Was a Beehive.  How does it differ or compare to popular or mainstream faith as you know it?  Of course, it is one interpretation of faith in Jesus and how it impacts daily life (and during troubling times, as seen in the film).   

For example, if I walked into one church, I might find folks picking up and handling snakes, singing rather loudly and outwardly in their expressions of worship.  If I went to the congregation next door the following Sunday, I might find a church that barely whispered, used no music at all, and perhaps simply followed a monotone lecture/sermon style delivered over the course of an hour, or two, or three!  Both representing the same organism/religion… 

Please respond with no less than 200 words, and respond to at least one of your classmate’s post.