Your extended definition essay must be no fewer than two full pages, but no more than three.

This is the outline:

Monstrosity is a thing which is outrageously evil. For example, they were the most dangerous and most feared monstrosities in existence. There are three categories. First, serial killers are one category that I choose. For example, Henry Lee Lucas who was a self-confessed America serial killer. Secondly, events are the second category. For example, Adolf Hitler who started the world war II. The last category is Hollywood as example is horror movies. For example,Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman is an example of horror movies. I believe monstrosity is evil to the universe for several reasons horror movies, serial killers, and events.

II.      Serial killers is the first category.

  1. I pick the serial killers because they kill a lot of people.
  2.  Who is Henry Lee Lucas?
  3. How many people did he kill? 

III.     Events are the second category.

                       A. Adolf Hitler the guy who destroy the world.

                       B.  How did he destroy the world?

IV.      The last category is Hollywood as example is horror movies.

  1. It is affect the young people to do crimes.
  2. Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman is a horror movie, and it was a dangerous to watch for young people.

IIV.     In conclusion, monstrosity is something horribly wrong. The people should fight to stop the monstrosity from the world. The monstrosity killed a lot of people and most of them without any reasons.

This is the direction :

Extended Definition of Monstrosity

An extended definition is a common type of academic argument that is written after reading about and discussing a particular issue in which you should state and defend your position on the issue as well as to illustrate how your opinion relates to similar or opposing opinions about the same issue. For this assignment, you will be composing your own definition of the word “monstrosity” and supporting that definition with real world and examples. When writing your essay, remember that your definition still needs to be both arguable and supported with details and evidence. Also continue to use transitions, which provide cues for the reader and improve coherence. We will also introduce the following skills: 

  • collecting information from readings on a particular issue 
  • positioning one’s claim in relation to other positions on the issue 
  • documenting sources using MLA in-text citations and works cited 
  • choosing an effective organizational strategy 
  • researching the library and Internet for sources 

Purpose of the project: To argue demonstrate understanding of tone and the ability to select the appropriate tone for the message you want to send. 

Audience: An academic audience that includes fellow students and instructors at ASU.


  • Focus on what you believe the concept to mean and encompass.
  • Develop your essay by composing an argument in which you explain and support your own definition of the concept. 
  • Organize your essay in a way that effectively conveys information to your listeners, is easy to follow, and clearly exhibits the appropriate tone. 

Content and Audience:

To focus your extended definition essay, you should consider how your own insights add something new to the cultural conversation others have already been having about the concept of monstrosity. Then, reflect, taking notes on perspectives that you feel are missing or on viewpoints that you feel are incompletely or inaccurately expressed. Even though you are writing about an issue with which you are probably already familiar, you will want to read several sources pertaining to the concept before you begin writing. Some questions for you to consider as you read your sources are as follows:

·  What voices are missing from the conversation? 

·  How do your own experiences influence an alternative perspective on the issue?  

·  Do the writers currently covering this issue or the public, in general, seem to be misinterpreting or unfairly representing certain points of view?

·  Do the writers currently covering this issue or the public seem to be “getting it right,” but still leaving important perspectives out of the conversation?

As you write and revise your essay, you will integrate relevant research that will allow you to both support your views and distinguish them from the views of others who have written on the issue. Remember that you should develop a strong, well-supported argument, and that it should address the Arkansas State University first-year community—that is, fellow students and faculty, who are bright, but may have little knowledge of the particular conversation you are entering.  

Organization and Format

There are many ways to organize your essay and, as a class, we will analyze sample argument essays in order to articulate a general understanding of the conventions of the genre. Considering these conventions, you will have to decide the best way to arrange your essay to make your argument clear and persuasive.

Further, to practice the skills necessary for success in Composition II and beyond, you are expected to engage with outside sources in your piece, using summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation as effective and appropriate. You are also required to incorporate in-text parenthetical citations and develop an end-of-text Works Cited and/or, if applicable, a Works Referenced page for all sources cited within your paper or consulted in developing your position. You should read and cite (Works Cited or Works Referenced) no fewer than three recent sources.As with other essays written in this class, please follow MLA guidelines for citation and format. Your extended definition essay must be no fewer than two full pages, but no more than three.