Question and answer

      1. How do you define family?
      2. Are there any family structures with which you would be uncomfortable?
      3. What is causing this discomfort?
      4. In your opinion, what makes for an effective family?Introduction

        Talk with several parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Talk with at least one father. Discuss their reactions to parenthood: adjustments, negative aspects, and positive aspects, changes in adult relationships and lifestyle, and child care. This assignment fulfills Module Objective 2, listing community support services available for families and Module Objective 3, identifying common factors that cause stress in families and Course Outcome 1, describing the characteristics of diverse families and communities within the societal and cultural context and Course Outcome 5, identifying and analyzing community resources which are available for diverse families, programs, and schools.

        The Prompt

        Respond to the following discussion question for this module:

            1. Share your responses from your interviews with family members.
            2. Identify the stresses they are experiencing and their coping mechanisms, if any.
            3. As the child care provider working with these families, what support services could you offer them?