Question: Imagine that you hear the following phonetic phrases or sentences. Retype the sentence properly. Watch for proper use of symbols, numbers,…

Question:Imagine that you hear the following phonetic phrases or sentences. Retype the sentence properly. Watch for proper use of symbols, numbers, abbreviations, punctuations and capitalization. 

1.the patient has a “pee-h” of six point ninety six “pee oh two” of twelve and “pee see oh two” of fifty four

2.there is a one point zero by point five centimeter area of avulsed tissue and a three centimeter gaping deep laceration of the chin

3.lungs clear to “pee and a” heart not enlarged “ay-to” is greater than “pee-to” there was a grade one over six decrescendo early diastolic high frequency murmur

4.cycloplegic refraction “oh-dee” equal plus three point two five plus oh point seven five times one hundred twenty five equals twenty thirty minus one

5.the patient received a six thousand gamma roentgen dose

6.iodipamide sodium “eye” one hundred thirty one was used

7.we used a concentration of five times ten to the fifth per milliliter

8.a dilute solution of one to one was used

9.he was scheduled for a “tee three” uptake

10.aqueous procaine penicillin “gee,” four point eight million units intramuscularly with one gram of probenecid orally, is still recommended for uncomplicated gonorrhea

11.she returned today for her vitamin “bee-twelve” plan was to give her six hundred thousand units of penicillin on the first day and give her half that on the second

13.he denied symptoms of dysuria hematuria and urgency but did report nocturia times two

14.she is to take her medication “cue-four-h” with an additional one half dose “a-see”

15.i have an appointment for the eleventh of june and i need to change it to the first of july

16.six case histories were presented at the tumor board meeting today for a total of ninety seven this year

17.we expect that thousands of students will be able to participate in this surgery through the use of closed circuit “tee vee”

18.he has been a two pack a day cigarette smoker for the last forty years

19.please order six twenty gauge catheters

20.wbc count twenty nine point seven hemoglobin thirteen platelet count three hundred eighty

21.i feel that my fee of twelve hundred dollars is fair

22.the jury awarded one point two million dollars in damages to the parents of the child

23.i removed a forty five slug from the left lower liver margin many centimeters long was that tear in her thumb

25.the hemoglobin was eight point eight, hematocrit twenty six point five white blood cells eight thousand one hundred with eighty segs and eighteen lymphs will notice that the standard leads one, two, “a vee el” and “a vee ef” are missing in the “ee-see-gee” lead-sequencing formats

27.then five milliliters of one percent lidocaine was injected into the right breast at the four oclock and eight oclock areas

28.we will check a “pee ess ay” and “kem seven” today

29.the six by seven millimeter nodule was treated with shave biopsy and “ee-dee-en-see” in three layers

30.a twenty-four french foley with a thirty “see-see” balloon two way was advanced up the urethra