Question:survey amp; Interview Questions: Please submit for approval (i. upload) two documents that address the following: Document 1: SURVEY.

Question:survey & Interview Questions:

Please submit for approval (i.e. upload) two documents that address the following:

Document 1: SURVEY. FIVE questions (minimum) that – after instructor approval/grading– you will distribute as a questionnaire to another on-campus class or to a group of fellow students online. See p. 103 in Practical Strategies. Use a VARIETY of question formats:

  • offer an EVEN number of response options
  • provide directions (otherwise a recipient might circle ALL options)
  • do NOT include short answer/essay questions (no one will respond).

Ensure that you include:

  • short introduction which states that you are conducting the survey for a ENGL 235: Technical Writing project. This will “validate” you.
  • short conclusion or at least “Thank You!” at the end of the document

Please note that the survey should be in “finished” format as if you were handing out a hardcopy to students in a class. 

Please also note that in order to obtain information that you can analyze with any validity, you need to consider your audience:

  • What is the respondent’s major? (e.g. Health Sciences)
  • What is the respondent’s year at BC? (e.g. freshman/sophomore/returning student/Running Start)
  • What is the respondent’s academic objective? (Bachelor’s degree in Nursing)

Please note that a good sampling would be a minimum of 25 – 37 responses (consider a usual class size).

Document 2: INTERVIEW (for e-mail/face-to-face interview one-on-one): FIVE questions (minimum. see pp. 100 – 101 in Practical Strategies 2nd ed. Questions should beclear, focused, and open). You need submit only one set of questions, but note that interview questions may need to be tailored to each of three interviewees. Interviews will not be conducted until the questions have been approved/graded by the instructor.

The above survey and interview questions must be relevant to your Internship Project; these questions address Task 4 and Task 5 from the proposal, and the collected data will form part of Recommendation Report (the final assignment).

Please note that the following assignment requests verification from you that both the survey and the three interviews have been completed:

Assignment # 6 (Internships Project): Progress Check 

  • Survey must have been conducted
  • interviews must have been conducted

As always, if you have any questions, please ask me as soon as possible. I suggest that you also view the questions that a previous quarter’s on-campus class generated. They are linked in this week’s module. They “may” help guide you, but also note that you could definitely improve on a number of them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Those of you who will be distributing your survey questions (after instructor feedback/approval) to an online class or via social media must – for THIS assignment – proceed to submit a hard copy of those questions in finished format (i.e. the “handout” MUST look professional).