Short Argumentative Essay

A short Argumentative Essay needs to be done within two hours on May 10th after reading a paragraph.

Here is the instruction. 

On Wednesday, please take the Final Examthat will be active on the Quizzes & Final Exam link at your left at 7:00 am until 11:59 pm.  Please give yourself two hours to take the Exam (it will time out after two hours, or at midnight, whichever comes first).  All instructions can be found in the one essay question that is on the Final Exam, which is very much like the Diagnostic essay you did in Week 1 where you will read a brief article (provided in the instructions) and respond with an argumentative essay.  This is also very similar to several of the Discussion Questions you have done, so the only studying you need to do is to really review the ideas of writing an argument and using evidence (properly cited) from the article provided to support your thesis.  Please see the specific Final Exam instructions available on Wednesday for further details.