Short Digital Presentation Needed ASAP (Prefer Education/Lesson Planning experience)

I need someone to create me a short digital presentation, similar to the one in the link above but instead my class will be identifying US coins. This presentation should be based on the book called Once upon a Dime by Nancy Allen. (Item Desceiption Below) (**You may change the book if need be, but the book should be based on money.**)

by Nancy Allenillustrated by Adam Doyle

Money actually grows on trees in this cute title. In the story, a farmer discovers a tree on his property that grows different kinds of money, depending on which animal fertilizer is used (of course, your kids will love that little tidbit.) 

This is the assignment description below but you are basically creating a short presentation. You should mention at the end of the presentation, that the class will be presented with a group or collaborative assignment (task)  where they will sort the coins and put them into the correct or matching container.

Select a content standard or lesson you are teaching this week in your educational setting. As part of that lesson, create a digital presentation delivering your content area instruction using an online presentation tool of your choice (though you may not use PowerPoint). OR based on what you learned in Week 5 about digital presentations, instruct your students on effective presentation qualities and have them create presentations around their learning this week. 

To assist you, check out this website that explains 19 free presentation tools:

The presentation must reflect the do’s and don’ts of creating an effective presentation that you learned about in Module 5. Though you are not developing a PowerPoint presentation (a pre-21st century tool), the concepts presented in the module are applicable to any presentation.

For your Module 5 Assignment:

  • Decide who will be creating the presentation (i.e., you or your students) and for what purpose.  (TEACHER WILL PRESENT)
  • Select the most effective presentation tool based on the purpose of the presentation.
  • Integrate the TPACK framework and at least one of the 21st-century literacy fluencies into the presentation. For example: Have students work in teams (collaborative fluency) to create a presentation that presents their solution to an authentic problem in the content area that they solved through the use of various technology tools (TPACK framework). (Students will work in groups to sort coins in the containers)