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12820532306691Submitted to:

Shaun Hodgson

Submitted by:

Reem Al Falasi

Najla Al Hammadi

Mouza AlmehreziSara Al Mansoori

Sheikha Al Shehhi960001938





Submission Date: DATE @ “d MMMM yyyy” 7 October 2014

Section: BEIT12

00Submitted to:

Shaun Hodgson

Submitted by:

Reem Al Falasi

Najla Al Hammadi

Mouza AlmehreziSara Al Mansoori

Sheikha Al Shehhi960001938





Submission Date: DATE @ “d MMMM yyyy” 7 October 2014

Section: BEIT12


TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc376729056 h 3The Project Plan defines the following: PAGEREF _Toc376729057 h 3Project Team and Sponsor PAGEREF _Toc376729058 h 4Wedding Goals and Objectives PAGEREF _Toc376729059 h 4Wedding Goal: PAGEREF _Toc376729060 h 4Wedding Objectives PAGEREF _Toc376729061 h 4Wedding Scope PAGEREF _Toc376729062 h 5Wedding Constraints PAGEREF _Toc376729063 h 5Wedding stakeholders PAGEREF _Toc376729064 h 6Wedding breakdown structure PAGEREF _Toc376729065 h 7Wedding schedule PAGEREF _Toc376729066 h 8Wedding Budget PAGEREF _Toc376729067 h 9Total estimated cost for each activity: PAGEREF _Toc376729068 h 9Budget Sheet PAGEREF _Toc376729069 h 9Payment Sheet PAGEREF _Toc376729070 h 10The Mitigation of Project Risks PAGEREF _Toc376729071 h 11Auditing PAGEREF _Toc376729072 h 12Communication Plan PAGEREF _Toc376729073 h 12Quality Plan PAGEREF _Toc376729074 h 13Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc376729075 h 14

IntroductionOne of the greatest days in a person’s life is her wedding day. To ensure that such a significant event goes off without a problem, a suitable planning is required. Months will be spent before the wedding researching vendors, comparing products and prices, meeting with photographers, hotel managers, and many wedding vendors to decide how to save costs on each wedding item (Hammond, 2007). Without a proposal plan that outlines budgets, how important tasks should be organized, and what the possibilities are in the wedding that something goes wrong, could result in what should be one of the happiest days of someone’s life turning into a whole disaster.

Mahra and Hamad have got engaged and have planned to get married on 14-4-2014. Mahra has relied on her best friends Najla, Shaikah, Sara, Reem and Moza to plan out the wedding. Hamad’s parents have agreed to help fund the wedding with AED 400, 000. An estimated 600 people are expected to come to the wedding and they would really like a breathtaking wedding with a full dinner, a stage, a live band, a honeymoon in Paris. The plan is to have a successful wedding by using the budget they are provided with.

The Project Plan defines the following:Project team and sponsor.

Wedding goal and objectives.

Wedding scope.

Wedding constraints.

Wedding stakeholders.

Wedding breakdown structure.

Wedding schedule.

Wedding budget.

The mitigation of project risks.


Project Team and SponsorName Role Responsibility

Hamad’s Parents Project Sponsor Provide fund for the wedding

Reem Project Manager Manages project in agreement to the project plan

Receive guidance from stockholder (bird & groom)

Supervise vendors

Provide overall project direction

Direct/lead team members toward project objectives

Handle problem resolution

Najla Project member Performs project deliverables

Manages the project budget

ShaikahProject member Execute project deliverables

MouzaProject member Execute project deliverables

Sara Project member Execute project deliverables

Wedding Goals and ObjectivesWedding Goal:Having a breathtaking wedding for Hamad and Mahra

Wedding ObjectivesPreparing a wedding within the given budget.

Announcing the marriage of Hamad and Mahra.

Gathering Hamad and Mahra’s families.

Having entertainment.

Having a perfect timeline for all related activities to meet the wedding day.

Large bridal party

Wedding ScopeAfter defining the objectives of the wedding, we had cleared the scope which shows the limit of the project; understand who the stakeholders are and what they expect to be delivered. The last step was getting the stakeholders to review and agree to them.

The below table shows the scope of the project:

Included Excluded

Venue selection Flower Accommodation for guests Not inviting anyone and everyone we know

Photographer Bride’s entrance song A wedding planner Cards distrusting

Cake design Beverages Hospitality Transportation for guests Hair and makeup

Invitation card Chocolate Bridle dress Honeymoon

Stage design and venue thèmes Guest list Reception lunch Bride’s bouquet

Live Band Tables and chairs Engagement party Bride’s dress

Wedding Constraints

Wedding is 4 months and 25 days from today

Limited budget.

Venue holds 600 people.

Skills & knowledge of wedding executors

Wedding stakeholdersStakeholders The Role Influence


Bride & Groom Wedding preparation approvers High

Groom Family Fund the wedding, guest list, offer assistance with wedding details High

Bride Family Host the henna party, guest list, offer assistance with wedding details High

Wedding Guests Attend the wedding party and enjoying it High

Musicians Revive the wedding party and responding to attendance requests for of different songs High

Hotel Caterer Providing previously agreed menus amounts commensurate with the number of attendees and care to meet their demands High

Cake Maker Making wedding cake to meet the desire of the bride in terms of design, color, flavor and size Medium

Card Designer Creating previously agreed invitation card In harmony with the taste of the bride and groom Medium

Venue and Stage Decorator Arrange the venue and stage based on previously agreed them, ensure to offer the necessary small details like, flowers , candles…etc. High

photographer Portray the bride and the wedding hall Photographic and video camera from several beautiful angles High

Chocolate Shop The provision of agreed types of chocolate within the required quantities and time and sophisticated encapsulates Low

Beverage Hostesses Provide different types of hot drinks, traditional sweets and perfumes equally and consistently to all guests until the end of the ceremony Medium

Reem (Manager) Supervising and Entertainments High

Sara (Member) Booking the venue, Decoration High

Sheikha (Member) Invitation card , Decoration, High

Najla (Member) Control budgets, Hospitality, High

Mouza (Member) Photography High

-34290060833000Wedding breakdown structure

Wedding scheduleAfter defining the main activities under the work break down we started to plan for the five main activities or tasks and the milestones that needs to be managed and complete while we are preparing for the wedding and the tasks are Invitation cards, venue, hospitality, photography and entertainments. Additionally, the estimated period for preparation is four and a half months, the starting date will be 1/12/2013 and the finish date is the wedding date 14/4/2014 and the project manager has assigned project members to be responsible for managing and completing the activities.


Wedding BudgetThe project budget is the cost and budget needed in order to complete all of the project activities. The total budget amount sponsored by Hamad’s parent is AED 400,000 and the total estimated cost AED 350,000.

Total estimated cost for each activity:Activity Venue Invitation Hospitality Entertainment Photography

(AED) Estimate 264,000 11,000 25,000 30,000 20,000

Budget Sheet

-200660103759000The budget sheet covers all the detailed estimated cost for on-going activities till project completion. It includes all of the listed activities in the wedding work breakdown structure. It is classified as 5 main categories and sub categories.

Payment Sheetcenter150050500To control the payment and insure all payments are done on the agreed time, the payment sheet covers all the detailed due dates for each activity. All of the payments are done before the wedding party date and the only payment due on 05/04/2014 is the settlement related to photography cost which is paid when collecting the Album. Below is the payment sheet sample:

The Mitigation of Project RisksRisks Probability Impact Solutions

Shortage of knowledge about vendors low high Team member go to as many wedding party as she can and ask about the vendors with best services

Vendors break the deal just before signing the contract high high Always keep a substitute for all vendors for plan B

Decorations quality poor due to late starting low high Make sure to mention the start time on the contract and remind them more than two times before the wedding.

Error in printing the invitation card high high Ask to have one sample before printing all invitation to check everything, and make sure of the date of reservation first.

Shortage of budget low high Backup plan, keep amount of budget for emergency situations.

Large number of guests high low Request a backup tables and chairs

Due to wrong estimation there is shortage of food low high Backup arrangement with restaurant.

Wrong selection of flowers low low Ask flowers’ vendors about the seasonal flowers that are available on the wedding date.

Photographers’ camera stop working and there is no backup. low high Make sure when signing the contract with the photographer that he will provide a backup camera.

Wedding cake drops or wrong color low high Order two cakes

Brides’ dress damages or her shoe low high Back up shoe and emergency sewing tools

Bride cries and damages her makeup high low Makeup backup

Guests bring their children high high Note in the invitation cards

Death in the family low high Rearrange the wedding or cancel it

AuditingOur manager Reem is responsible to follow the schedule, and make sure to send out meeting invites or project updates to all wedding parties on daily basis. Also, gives them heads up as things start coming together. We believe that it’s important to frequently review the overall achievements and spending to ensuring that you get what you planned and paid for, so we set a communication plan and quality plan.

Communication PlanTo make sure that all parties concerned are totally informed up-to-date. We developed a proactive communication plan that will provide consistent information, frequent updates and ensure clear understanding of whole processes. So we made periodic calendar for meetings as well as we will the use (wedding planning complete), it is a smart phone app that contains all the wedding activities, time line, wedding check list, responsibilities, meetings and notifications alert. All stakeholders will be connected through this app and Ms. Reem (project manager) will manage and control everything. Furthermore, in case one or more parties doesn’t have or use a smartphone, then an email will be sent automatically as well as everything will be discuss through the meetings.

The following table shows meetings calendar:

Type Date Time Location

The first meeting Meeting with sponsors Meeting with vendors Emergency meeting Quality PlanTo ensuring that you get the quality you expected, our manager will distribute hand out assignment lists and checklists to ensure everyone knows their tasks. On top of that testing everything is one of our priorities to make sure that we meet or exceed your expectations. As well as the manager will provide progress reports for all stakeholders to keep our meetings short and to the point with details such as the number of tests that accepted, failed and the one that rescheduled.

Check list:

ConclusionWe did this project to help out our very good friend Mahra with her special day. We undertook this because we always enjoy a learning experience. We produced in budget wedding for Mahra and Hamad. Tools used in this project was MS Project this bit of software allowed the planning of the wedding, and made things easier to plan basically.

In the end everyone including the caterers, photographers and other help enjoyed the wedding just as much as Mahra, Hamad and their families. This was very much a learning experience for me and hopes to do it again one day.


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