Summary help for timkay only

You will choose a photograph from the Time site and write a descriptive paragraph. Use all five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch) to create vivid and tangible images in your own paragraph. Be sure to address each sense in its physical form and avoid metaphors. See below: 

  • Sight: “The green pine trees dotted the horizon.” 
  • Hearing: “The last-minute buzzer echoed through the stadium.” 
  • Smell: “The sweet aroma of jasmine filled my nose as I jogged past the flower garden.” 
  • Taste: “The cookies taste sweet with a hint of salt.” 
  • Touch: “The sand felt cold, wet, and gritty beneath my feet.” 
  • Please copy-and-paste the photo image at the top of your paragraph 

Length: This assignment should be one full paragraph, or at least 10 sentences.