Think about a time when you had to answer a question that was important to you. This could be in an academic or non-academic context; it could be a question that was important to you personally, like where to go to college, or a question regarding your religious or political views, or it could be something totally different. However, it must be a question that prompted you to do some serious thinking, and that you wanted to get right. Describe the process by which you answered the question. Consider carefully, and discuss in as much detail as possible: 

1.             What did the question mean? Why was it important for you to get it right? (It’s possible that you no longer regard the question as important – reflect on that!)

2.             What method did you use to answer the question – and was this the best method? What kinds of evidence did you consider? Was there other evidence you could have used? (It’s possible that you didn’t go about answering this question in the right way! Would you do it differently today?)

                3.             How certain did you feel about the answer – and was that the right level of certainty?

A good paper will clearly answer these questions in a narrative format. An excellent paper will have something of interest to say to the reader in the process, either about the particular issue or about the process of how people think.

You are not required to use any outside sources. If you plan on using any, please consult with me. If you do, you will be required to include a Works Cited page in MLA format.

You must submit the paper through Blackboard as a Word document, and also turn it in on paper on the due date.