Value of Road Wrecks Reduction

Daniel Perez

Eng 1301-04

Ms. Lara


Major Essay 3

Value of Road Wrecks Reduction

Destruction from roads have a lack of care from cities, states, and the government itself, needing to push laws to have safer roads. We as society need to come together and demand action for the deaths of car/truck collisions. Due to unsafe roads that lack the care they need into keeping our lives at risk. Accidents have been increasing all around the world in America according to John Adams Author of Deaths of Roads, 80% have been because the roads are un safe to be driven on and are considered dangerous at all hours especially at night. The roads lack pavement refills, improper built, and heavy trucks passing by constantly needing the cities repair work. The article includes how Austin residents have begun to riot against the outside city limit roads heading up north because of the huge increase in deaths of unsafe roads. In the past 10 years Austin’s highway going north towards Dallas Texas has had increase from 1,400 to 54,000 of fatal crashes due to the horrible road builds. So, the residents of Austin are fighting to put a word out and make an impact for the city of Austin into building safer and impact able roads that can withstand heavy weight. This impact of a movement has motivated other towns into demanding better quality of roads.

City residents of States in America, pushing reckless roads has impacted other countries into starting a similar movement into preventing crashes and reckless roads causing deaths. The article “The Value of mortality risk reductions in Delhi, India”, has interviewed commuters in India to help estimate the pay amount to size the risk, income, and exposure to road traffic. Commuters in this article are attempting to reduce deaths of car crashes by willing to offer the money needed to remodel roads, safer for persons to travel through. Over the research being accurate, the author Maureen L. Cropper is presenting his positive side towards having a impact in India by constructing safer roads. Part of his assumptions are facts of over 1 million people dying in road crashes and over 75% of these deaths occur in developing countries, where road users constitute major of fatalities. Proving his point being accurate of needing to fix roads and having a safer project within roads. Based on the author presenting, I can say he’s attempting to make a change within his country and make a right doing that can benefit everyone in India. The speaker is hoping to open ears and eyes for the reader to help make a change not just within themselves but as a society’s safety


Frances well designed streets, their reckless crashing rates is dramatically low, because of the safety hazards added to roads and the outstanding pavement designed they have created. France also has a crash rate of 5,000 per year and every year it goes down because of the time they put into creating great roads services and safety cautions to stop deaths. In the Article “The Secret of France Good Roads”, it implies how France had a scientist very time invested in finding a strong pavement design, named “Jarales D’ Howd”. Jarales created France a strong change within the country, creating safer roads for everyone and was influenced because the loss of his father and mother during a crash because the lack of poor pavement design. Jarales was able to be able influence because the death of his parents. He created and began to influence other countries such as America, China, and Germany into building more safety roads and improve as a country. All it took was a loss of someone important into creating a strong impact in the world.

Preventing reckless crashes, by fixing roads, adding more patrols to the highway, adding hazard lights to warn people. All these assumptions towards the solution will not have any affect within stopping reckless crashes increasingly as if building a stronger type of material for loads with heavy weight to carry around. The pavement needs to be able to tolerate massive amounts of weight, tires, and give good grip against cars so they don’t slip off and crash. According to the Article “Making Roads Safer” what it will take is stronger material with pavement. It doesn’t matter what else you try, cracks will continue to happen, people will continue to crash, and deaths shall keep happening. Unless we create a type of pavement such as “Sikor” this material is used in France which has benefited France into a very well-known place for its design off safety streets. The reason why America doesn’t bother listen with this intention is because the expense it cost to transport and produce the material would cost a huge amount. “, A life has no price for it, if what it takes is money to have our lives in a safer environment then what expense matters.” includes Author “Nord Dawn”. This process will continue to be pushed by the people into towns, cities, states and finally the president, deciding that it’s time to create safer roads and prevent our loved ones from passing away because the lack of road structures.

Families traveling on the road, business men, anyone out that travels in any vehicle, will have an important pause before getting on the road and think twice. Religion being a second priority within families will impact praying before getting onto the road, that the road is safe, and their life isn’t taken away while on it. Faith that the city in charge makes sure that these roads are safe and have a strong built. Leaving an influence in these certain persons, if the road they’re traveling in is safe and secured. These simple knowledgeable thoughts keep a person from expecting standards which push off those who fight for the right of stopping life’s from being taken away. Just the fact of city politicians come to mind with these thoughts of families and religious beliefs from people into finally being lifted into creating a stronger development of pavement and structure to the roads, preventing the increase of deaths. These movements are what the people push into the high rankings in charge and capable of making the change into a better society, getting the help needed.

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