What is a predicate nominative, or a predicate adjective?

A predicate nominative is a noun or pronoun that renames the subject of the sentence. A predicate adjective is an adjective or a word that describes the subject.

Examples of predicate nominative: 1. Mr. Santos is the president of the school. subject: Mr. Santos linking verb: is predicate nominative (noun): president –We ask: Who is Mr. Santos? (ans: president) Who is the president? (ans: Mr. Santos) Therefore, “president” renames “Mr. Santos”/ 2. The person to look for is he. subject: person linking verb: is predicate nominative (pronoun): he — We ask: Who is the person to look for? (ans: he) Who is he? (ans: the person to look for) Therefore, “he” renames “person”.

Example of predicate adjective: 1. Karen is pretty. subject: Karen linking verb: is predicate adjective: pretty (“Pretty” describes Karen.) Notice that both predicate nominative and predicate adjective come after a linking verb..