Which shows correct usage ? A The financial planner whom you recommended beat the market last year ! B. all C . none D . Each of the students do a

Please help. I am so confused with English grammar.

Which shows correct usage ?A The financial planner whom you recommended beat the market last year !B. allC . noneD . Each of the students do a good job mastering grammar intricacies .E . The jury gave their verdict not guilty !Which sentence shows proper subject – verb agreement ?A The paintbrushes or the palette is on the tableB . Every one of those books are fictionC . Either The Beatles or Paul are releasing a new album !D . noneE. allWhich option uses the possessive apostrophe correctlyA nonThe childrens game of mumblety – peg is perfectly safe as the game’s manualstatesC Jen and Lukes apartment is rather clean for two newlyweds .D . After four days journey across the desert We arrived at the seaE. allWhich sentence error is labeled correctly ?A allB . Because their slowly swaying lush green trees . = FRAGMENTC . The art of living lies not in eliminating but in growing with troubles . = RUN -ON FUSED SENTENCED . If you wish to have a friend you must first be a friend . – COMMA SPLICEE. noneWhich option shows correct word usage ?A none. There’s a basketball game tonight Do you think the Blazers will loose to theLakers ?C . Most patients aren’t in the habit of ignoring they’re doctors ordersD . It’s a pity that the Library of Alexandria lost most of it’s texts when it wasburned by Caesar in 49 B.CE. allF . His dog Foxy is smarter and cuter then your lizard Goliath .