write profile 4-5 pages about Tim hotrons coffee shop “read the instruction carefully”

http://www.timhortons.com/us/en/index.php this is the website because you are going to write a the source at the end.

1298 Suncrest Towne Centre Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505

look at the picture online because you are going to talk about the place

Here are some goals of the assignment:

  • Conduct primary research in the form of an interview.
  • Conduct primary research by taking detailed notes about the place, paying special attention to sensory details.
  • Conduct secondary research in order to understand your subjectâs context (WVU website, a DA article, a pamphlet/program, etc) and incorporate this source into your description
  • Integrate other voices into your writing through summary, paraphrase, and quotation.


The genre of this essay is a profile, and provides an in depth description of a place or event and uses quotes from spectators/participants to contextualize the place.


To get the information you need to write your profile, you need to attend the place or event or visit the organization while people are in action. Take lots and lots of notes about your personal observations, noting sensory details. Next, you need to conduct an interview with one person or several people connected to the organization, place, event, or purpose, having thought out and written down your questions beforehand. Finally, you must find an outside source that provides context details.


One thing to avoid when composing your profile is to turn it into an interview transcript. You should use the first person âIâ in the profile. Include visual descriptions of people and places in the profile. Try describing all five senses and really let your audience see what you see! Work in quotes from your interview, as well as paraphrased information or quotation from your outside source. If it fits the subject, you can use photographs.


You will receive comments and feedback on your âfinal for nowâ draft. I will read your conference and final for now draft to determine your success at:

  • Proposing a strong and appropriate topic for your profile to the class
  • Finding an appropriate interview subject
  • Using detail and description to fully contextualize your subject
  • Incorporating descriptive, sensory details
  • Finding, selecting, and integrating information from your interview and outside source
  • Introducing quoted material smoothly and effectively
  • Using and engaging an audience appropriate tone
  • Documenting your sources ethically and accurately through in text citation and on a Works Cited page
  • Meeting the required length of 4-5 pages

here is some question that I wrote for the interview that may help you in writing the profile:

where are you from? / what’s your major? / tell me about your journey in West Virginia University? / what classes are you taking this summer? / what’s your plan after graduating?