Amazing Scuba Spots

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#10 Manta Ray Night Dive (Hawaii)

This scuba diving paradise in Hawaii features majestic underwater lights right on the ocean floor. The Manta Ray Night Dive has a marvelous light underneath that attracts crowds of plankton as well as manta rays in Kona Hawaii. There are certain instances where a ray will get attached to you, so be cautious enough to prevent getting hit by them.

#9 The Similan Islands (Thailand)

Considered one of the best diving hubs among scuba divers in Thailand, this paradise is situated in the western Andaman Sea and highlights its two different diving spots. The Similan Islands in Thailand have an east facing diving section and west facing diving section. The east ones display impressive gentle sloping coral reefs and the west ones showcase astounding granite boulders. The depth ranges from 15 to 40 meters and sea creatures like triggerfish, cow tail rays, and sand animals inhabit this haven. Other than exploring the bottom of the sea, you can also check out other attractions that surround the island. The Similan Islands are surrounded with tropical jungles and impressive white sandy beaches.

#8 The Maldives Reefs (Maldives)

The Maldives Reefs are indeed a gem in this paradise. Divers can get a lot of chances to take a glimpse of the fascinating species that live in the ocean. Among the interesting marine animals to see are parrot fish, sweetlips, colorful sponges, and a great number of invertebrate species. The reefs in this country are believed to be the main home of those dazzling sea animals. There are also barracudas roaming the water, so be aware.

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