Best Places To Go in Costa Rica

In this travel blog, have a sweet tour through the best donut shops in America.

#10 Hi-Lo Diner (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Technically speaking, this first splendid donut chain isn’t actually a shop, but a restaurant with an exclusive section where menus are mostly intended for doughnuts. The Hi-Lo Diner in Minneapolis, Minnesota is a restaurant that has been completely restored from the 1957 Federo Diner. A highlight of this interesting doughnut restaurant is their iconic specialty, the “Hi-Top”. At first you may think it’s inspired by sneakers, but it is a giant yeast doughnut with dazzling toppings of a mini-mountain of sweet delicacies. Hi-Lo Diner has an epic breakfast donut called the Mac Rib. This breakfast donut has a heft portion of ribs, single serving of mac n’ cheese, and savory grilled cheese for a more flavorful taste. Also, don’t forget to try their popular Velvet Elvis which is fully loaded with sweet peanut butter, honey, banana slices, and bacon.

#9 Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop (Brooklyn, New York)

If you’re looking for freshly made donuts early in the morning, go to this shop in a busy neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The outside look of the shop makes you feel like you’ve suddenly been transported into the 1960s era where locals dine in to read newspapers and drink coffee at the counters. Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop has outdated furniture and an S-shaped counter and offers classic donuts with recipes that haven’t changed since long ago. There are original ones that can fill the breakfast cravings of adults and kids alike. Aside from sugary sweet and chocolate ring donuts, they also have the popular Red Velvet doughnut inspired by the classic southern cake. Over the years, people have been visiting this little shop not just for the donuts, but for casual and refreshing conversations in the morning with locals and tourists.

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