Insightful post

Insightful post! I have enjoyed reading your post and I like the way you have discussed your knowledge about antisocial personality disorder. I tend to concur with you that antisocial personality disorder involves an irresponsible, often criminal, and impulsive behaviour.

However, I would like to compliment you on the fact that you have taken the time to discuss and highlight some of the similarities and differences between antisocial personality disorder and other personality disorders.

I recognize that there is always a need for further research in this regard, since the condition can cause irreversible damage to both the individual and any relationship he may be involved in at the moment. I find it interesting that you have not necessarily agreed with the fact that antisocial personality disorder is the same as sociopathy, but you have highlighted the obvious difficulties in diagnosing these conditions. In my opinion, it is very difficult to diagnose anyone with any personality disorder, but this is especially true of people who are unable to accurately assess their own feelings and emotions.

I am pleased that you have recognized how similarities exist between antisocial personality disorder and some other disorders such as narcissistic and borderline personality disorders. You have not only made connections to other disorders but you have also highlighted how differences exist between them. It appears fair to me that they are still different diseases; they just share some common traits which provide a few pointers as to their phenomenology.

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