Insurrection at the Capitol

Insurrection at the Capitol

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Insurrection at the Capitol

Indeed, the images that emerged from the Capitol of the U.S flashed globally, and different people had different opinions concerning the issue. I would condemn the incident and can describe it as a ‘disgraceful scene.’ Even though the incident happened, the democracy of the people should always prevail as people need to exercise that using voting and have their voices heard as their decisions are peacefully upheld. As such, this right of democracy should not by any means be undone through a mob. Sometimes, if one does not learn from history, then one is doomed to repeat it, and a good example is what had happened that fateful Wednesday morning at the capitol building. Those six senators who were amongst those opposing and contesting the vote counts from the Electoral College resemble the one that was the secessionist’s senators during the time of Abraham Lincoln, who has opposed elections (Fitzgibbons, & John, 2021). Therefore, the xenophobia, racism, and even bigotry observed in Trump’s administration is not different from those compared to Jim Crow in the 1800s.

The law broken is the Insurrection Act of 1807 that was meant for the American federal law. Thus, it tends to empower the American president to deploy the military and federalized National Guard troops in a given circumstance like the one portrayed at the Capitol that involved insurrection and rebellion. As such, an implication of whoever breaks this law needs to be removed from power and arrested. When an individual citizen is involved in inciting other people to riot and some killed in the process, the person needs to be arrested and charged at equal measures as they are abetting a crime, and thus, the person can be described as a criminal.

In this case, Donald Trump, who is the prime suspect of inciting people, needs to be arrested. He has blackmailed the other leaders who were duly elected to serve people in engaging in Capital’s physical attack. As such, it is evident that the action tends to supersede any other protocol. The law requires that Trump needs to be removed from office and denied access to the weapons because he can trigger other violence to the American people (Kastenberg, 2021). Indeed, whenever there is a raging fire, then the first thing that needs to be done is ensuring that the source of the danger is dealt with. As such, the government’s initial duty is to ensure that it has protected the people of the country, and nobody should be forced at any given time to support an individual who is empowered to use destructive weapons on the people.

Even though everyone has their opinion, my view of this act of invasion of the Capitol is that there is a need to construct a barrier wall that resembles the White House. The real culprit is the inability to address the faults observed in the democracy (Fitzgibbons & John, 2021). Further, if the Congressional races’ money is not obtained, then this would be another big failure. Therefore, addressing some of these issues will only help address the many defects that have been destroying the good form of government for a long time. Every member supporting Donald since his time in the office can be sure that he has been demonstrating disdain for the rule of law, truth, and government traditions. Therefore, the government should act swiftly by removing Donald from office through impeachment and ensure that no more violence is caused by him, as this could lead to more losses of lives.


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