Interdisciplinary research process

Interdisciplinary research process

The interdisciplinary research process is a textbook that offers a comprehensive treatment of the interdisciplinary research process for the interdisciplinary graduate students who are writing about the theses and dissertations as well as advanced undergraduate students writing about capstone projects. The author Allen Repko offers the most concise and guided resource on the most commonly allowed interdisciplinary studies as well as the principles as outlined in the research process. The text covers topics such as deciding how to choose disciplines which are relevant to the problem or the topic .other topics includes dealing with disciplinary and ideological bias, making explicit the rationale for taking an interdisciplinary approach and choosing research methods appropriately according to the topic or the topic under study. This text is useful to advanced undergraduate and graduate in interdisciplinary studies courses that require research projects or cover methods of social inquiry. Programs in cultural studies, women’s studies, public administration and policy, criminology, urban affairs, evaluation and other areas which an interdisciplinary perspective is often foundational to the curriculum will find this an invaluable course resource which will bring together issues and methods of interdisciplinary in one comprehensive but manageable text.

The authors illustrate each step of the decision-making process by drawing on student and professional work from the natural sciences, humanities and applied fields which are related to it. The book is designed for active learning and problem-based approaches as well as for more traditional approaches. The book provides premier text for interdisciplinary research and advances all studies fields through its systematic treatment of the interdisciplinary research process. The book explains the interdisciplinary research as a process hence the author Repko gives students the framework which is needed to carry out valuable and forward-thinking research.

Furthermore, the book is in a way that it enables the students to think critically. Also, the book enables the students to deal with difficult problems as well as develop skills such as oral communication, public speaking, research skills, media literacy, teamwork, planning, self-sufficiency as well as goal setting that would help them prepare for disciplinary careers and adult life which includes living with one another. Also, the book provides the students with the sense that they require them to apply their skills in fields as well as to investigate issues across many different subject areas or domains of knowledge. Capstones project for example which the book provides its outline tend to encourage students to connect the projects they are undertaking to community-based issues or problems and to integrate outside of school learning experiences in activities such as interviews, scientific observations, and internships.

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