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International Construction

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International Construction

International construction is an important part of the current society as a lot of people get involved in the big construction projects in different countries and some of those experts’ skills have to be imported. This means the people specialized in those areas have to move from their home country to the country where the project is taking place and get involved in the work. However, this is not always the case and at times the experts who must not be there when the construction is taking place can work from their home countries and these include designers and other experts in construction. Most of the times people travel to work on construction projects which are outside their home countries and travelling comes with it different challenges. The article majorly discusses the concept of travelling from one’s home country to another country to work on a construction project and the challenges that accompany these type of adventures as well as the possible solutions towards the cultural problems faced by the construction experts in foreign countries.

One of the major challenges that construction officers face in other countries are the laws that govern that specific country and how to operate within those laws. Another challenge is the cultural change and difference that accompanies different countries and different construction areas. Culture is especially the main thing and it is a challenge to a lot of people. Several litigation measures include proper dispute litigation methods like mediation, arbitration and other methods that make working conditions good for the workers. The challenges discussed in the paper are proven by the data collected from the people who have been involved in international construction activities from Hong Kong and in London.


Chan, E. H., & Tse, R. Y. (2003). Cultural considerations in international construction contracts. Journal of construction engineering and management, 129(4), 375-381.

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