International Drive

International Drive




The international drive has been recognized as a prime tourist destination in the world. Based on the documentary, we can learn about history or Orlando and how it developed to be a prime destination. The city of Orlando, as we are shown, was built from the ground up by ambitious entrepreneurs who had a vision and shared a common goal. The documentary also allows us to gain insight on the road to success of the International Drive and the construction of Walt Disney was a significant contribution to its success. The opening of the Sea world was another essential highlight from the video as well as the development of the Orlando Central Park. Both led to the development of the International drive. The final highlight from the video is the building of the convention center, which also contributed to the vast growth of the International drive.

Mr. Rosen is one of the significant contributors to the success of International drive because he restored the flow of visitors by reviving the Quality Inn hotel. He helped his new hotel to succeed by taking the initiative of going to Massachusetts and looking for buses that could pay a specific rate to book his hotel. He managed to make handshake contracts and later received a steady flow of guests in his hotel. If I were a developer during this time frame, I would have partnered with investors and built movie theaters. The international drive has transformed due to the construction of the convention center, which was a multipurpose facility that multiplied their profits. I agree with the decisions that were made by the various parties regarding the new Convention Centre and hotel tax.


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