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International Psychology

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International Psychology refers to the psychology of the individual that occurs within a cultural context. The field is consistently growing and evolving. From the perspective of those with an interest in psychology, we view this as a positive thing because it allows us to learn more about how people think and behave worldwide.

There are many reasons why someone would want to attend International Psychology at Arizona State University, but I will give you three examples of what I found attractive: 1) The close-knit student community 2) The opportunity to study abroad and explore other cultures 3) Interdisciplinary approach which allows students to broaden their perspectives by learning different academic theories or methods of research.

I think that the psychology field is more interesting when you consider how variables such as culture and language (and many other factors) can influence who a person is and how they think and live. To me, studying International Psychology at ASU will allow me to develop a diverse perspective which I can apply to my own personal interests.

As an international student experiencing myself first-hand the difficulties of studying an undergraduate degree in English, I see a program like this one as an opportunity to gain the tools I need to succeed in the field of Psychology. I would like to begin my career as a clinical psychologist with a global outlook, and I think that ASU’s International Psychology program could help me achieve that goal.

I personally want to be in the position of aiding people in a way that understands their needs and consider cultural context. By understanding the psychology of culture, I believe you can provide better support and care for people. Those who wish to work with children will particularly benefit from international psychology at Arizona State University because it will give them the skills they need to understand how their client’s culture may influence their behavior in different contexts.

My future career interests can be traced back to my desire to work with children. I want to work with children who are at risk, whether it be because of poor home conditions or other challenges they are facing. For example, I want to work with families that have suffered the pain and loss of a child and how they cope as a family. This is something I think I can only achieve if I understand the impact culture has on behavior.

ASU’s International Psychology program provides many unique features which could help me develop into a competent psychologist. First of all, ASU has the Intercultural Center which allows students to learn about different cultures (including the U.S.) through interactive and immersive experiences such as conference trips, internships in hospitals and clinics and more.

I believe that these sorts of experiences will help me become a more culturally aware psychologist. I also believe that the interdisciplinary nature of ASU’s psychology program will allow me to study and find inspiration in other areas, including economics, law and other related fields.

The department itself is more focused on research than many other institutions, and this is important to me because I not only want to learn how to be a good practitioner but also how to apply my knowledge in the way of research. The faculty from International Psychology are experienced teachers and researchers, and the program is led by professors who have done work in this field. One of my favorite professors, even has a new book which is about cross-cultural psychology. He has always been available to talk with me about anything that I am interested in, and I find his research fascinating.

Finally, there are opportunities for students to study abroad which can be particularly beneficial if you want to work in an international setting later on. There are a large number of places where one can study abroad including Bolivia, New Zealand, Costa Rica and Tuvalu (just to name a few). I think studying in another country will help me understand better the cultural differences between people.

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