Introductory speech

Introductory speech

Greetings to you all present today. As you all know, we have been dealing with drug addictions affecting many students within the campus, and we have been trying to help them through all that we can. However, it is a challenging part of our studies and our lives even though it is fully paying, not in financial ability but through the satisfaction of saving a soul from going too deep into drugs where they cannot be redeemed. Therefore today we have a special speaker with us. She will take us through what she has experienced as she has dealt with people affected by drug addiction and how it is possible to get out of that hook that seems difficult to deal with.

I am glad to introduce Brenda Browne, the director division of mental health and addiction services. She is also the addictions administrator in Passaic County within the department of human resources. She is very resourceful, and her presence here today will enable us to get more insights and more information on what is meant by being fully addicted and which addiction level is safe. She will inform us of how to deal with our friends who are addicted and how to help them realize that they can change. Therefore let us all welcome her and listen carefully to her wisdom which she has got from dealing with all types of addiction patients up to now. Welcome to our group; we are happy to have you in our presence.

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