Issue of Racism in United States of America

Carolyn Miller

Professor Wade

Sociology 101

20 July 2018

Issue of Racism in United States of America

Racism is regarding a particular race inferior or superior as compared to another race. According to Grosfoguel 2016, Journal of World-Systems Research, racism is a belief that the social, as well as the moral traits of a specific person, is determined by the biological characteristics which the person is born with. Racism separates people according to the races they come from for example whether black and whites are hence providing a belief that this races two should remain separated far apart from one another. In the history of human beings, racism has been a profound belief making people hate one another according to the skin color of that person. Racism also is extended to dividing people as per the different languages people speak, where a person is born as well as customs of a particular person or a group of people.

In recent days, people have practiced racism in most places for example in offices favoring a person from their race while dealing unfairly to a person of a different race. In most cases, racism has led to wars amongst people of different races. Also, racism has resulted in slavery where a race which is regarded as inferior becomes slaves to the race that seems superior. Additionally, racism has also led to the creation of legal codes as per the different races to different people in a particular nation.

A report by Blank, Louis & Kenneth 1970, Institutional Racism in America shows that, racism has been evident in most states such as the USA where black people are seen as inferior while the white is regarded as superior. A US police officer, for example, is more likely to shot black people as compared to him or her shooting white people. A research conducted by Walker, Samuel 1977″A critical history of police reform.” revealed that, the death of black people who were victims of police brutality accounted for about thirty percent of the total deaths while that of the white people only accounted for only thirteen percent. This reveals how the US police excessively use force against the black people. The black people despite being killed by the white police officers; they also face other forms of physical injuries such as injury to the spinal cord by a police officer who may also result to the death of the victims.

Moreover, it is evident that the police officers act as the defender body of the communities of the white while they work ruthlessly to the black communities (Williams 173-188). The police act as conservers of the white community while acting contrary to the black community. In situations where the black community wants to investigate the doings of the white community, the police are called out immediately to deal with the black people. When the black people protest on brutalities performed to them, they are ruthlessly dealt with by the police. The people of Northern America view themselves as ‘good-hearted’ hence the black people have no say in their settlements. They consider the black as always looking for trouble when they protest against the evils performed to them. The USA police in most cases act as agents of what the white communities want while acting contrary to the black communities living in the USA. 

As discussed above, racism provides a belief that some races are superior while others are inferior hence separating people apart. All the arguments brought forward concerning the superiority of a particular race or inferiority of a specific race has no truth behind it. Different scientists have never regarded whether races should be one of the criteria for classifying people. What is viewed as differences amongst people such as the skin color, the color of hair, as well as the facial makeup of an individual, are only phenotypic characteristics that exist among people, but have the same genetic make-up. Racism has led to more violence in different countries such as wars which in most cases hinders development. All people in the world; whether black or white is equal hence both should be treated fairly in all fields and should enjoy the same human rights on the planet. 

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