It is with no doubt that I have grown from the little person I was in the past years to the current huge person I am today


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It is with no doubt that I have grown from the little person I was in the past years to the current huge person I am today. Through a lot of transformations have happened in my life, it is very little that has changed in me. The same facial expressions I used to have still have been retained to the person am growing to be. I have been a serious individual as it can be identified from the portrait, a face that I always wear when being engaged into serious issues and to which I have the responsibility to show how am able to manage. From my portrait, it can be depicted that am a little bit concerned about a certain issue that am deeply thinking on how to overcome it and therefore my facial doesn’t seem that happy.

In my portrait, I used fine art black and white portrait to draw my image. There are several reasons as to why I choose to use the black and white, and that is: the black and white method is simple as it does not require a lot of coloration in modifying the image. Also, it is the easiest way through which a person can express their emotions as well as their mood as the background is already suggestive of a not very well colored mood. In addition, the background of the portrait is also dark indicative of the past dark days to which I have been through in my past life.

In the portrait, I incorporated several principles of designs as well as the elements of design. The principle of alignment has been used in such a way that all the items are placed to where they are supposed to be for example the spectacles are on the eyes. The principle of contrast has also been used in the portrait, the brighter elements such as the face and the clothing can be identified, and as well the boundaries can be distinguished clearly from the other. Among the features of design used in the portrait include the line element that has been achieved at the back of the portrait to indicate the presence of a curtain covering a window. Color is another element of design used, and all through there has been a black and white shading of the portrait. An aspect ratio of the size of the objects and the image has been observed, and all are of the same proportion. My portrait was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s work especially the Mona Lisa painting.

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