Lynching was an essential thing was used by the white supremacists so as to have absolute


Lynching was an essential thing was used by the white supremacists so as to have absolute power over black in early 20th and late 19th century Lynching was popularized by many reasons, much of which included terrorism so as to make the whites a more feared society .among the difficult things was the black resistance against the whites although the whites found it easier to resist because they were more powerful communally. However, all through the lynching history the whites used different ways to control the life of the black’s .Politically, socialy, economically and later lynching to crash the black uprisingA major factor that lead to the increase of lynching was the fear among the white male who saw the blacks as being danger to their families. False accusations was one major way the whites used against the black male, the crimes varied and most of the time the black male would be charged with rape and many men were convicted without any concrete evidence and at times even without being taken to court Such like act s of killing without approval most of time was viewed by the whites as an acceptable behavior as it was a way of eliminating wrong doers who most of the time were innocent Most of the sentences were be carried out by hanging, or sometimes worse disfigurement such as being set ablaze alive and also castration. The most ridiculous thing was that no white man was ever accused of such crimes the white society perfected the act of depriving the blacks all of the basic human right like even the right to life the men even went further to portray the black man as rapists that would rape the white women unless away devised on how the white woman would be protected. The reason the white man portrayed the black man as rapist was a way for the whites to gain total control over the black man and also to give the white society al the reasons to lynch the black man without raising eye brows and it worked as the rest of the world had been made to believe the black man was very bad.

Another reason why lynching becomes established was because of the ending of the Civil War, once it ended. As the fact that slavery had come and the slaves given freedom to make a living on for themselves some white people still felt the black society had to be controlled in someway coupled with fact that the black movement that already furthermore some whites had personal problems with the black especially towards the black man .After the civil war came to an end some whites agitated by the fact the black society could now live amongst them and do anything just like the whites, some were just disappointed that they had no more power over the blacks some whites also felt the blacks had no right to live among the whites, black society also was rising fast and the more reason the white man hated the black man more and the Blackman had to be controlled before the numbers became unbearable, still others just the black society as a threat for could now make own decisions and some whites thought the black man could not argue out to an extent of saying what is right and wrong and to suppress the black the whites resulted to lynching. The support of the society was another cause why lynching became ever more fashionable, and the absence of opposition from the blacks encouraged the white to continue terrorizing the black. The entire white community was in support of social accord, which allowed the blacks to receive punishment as well as becoming subdued. Considerably different from the usual public mobs giving their views openly, the medium was also contributed helped to the rising figure of lynching.   They focused on cases involving black offenders against a white, sometimes they would speak to the community and offer suggestions to the community, recommending what actions needed to be imposed to ensure white power.   The media would give comments as powerful as saying that lynching ought to happen for the reason of revenge and to discourage the black beasts against committing such an act again. Some politicians in most cases would promote lynching and racial violence.     The political factors contributed to the increase of lynching during these two centuries. The three elections in 1892, 1894 and 1896 which brought on average of 17 lynching every year during the campaigns. And also Louisiana which was a famous state encountered increased numbers during the campaigns. Political parties that seemed to be perceived as detrimental to the dominance of the white race did not receive any recognition, Conservatives were worried about the black power which was fighting against the mistreatment of blacks so once more lynching became common and rose to even more terrorizing owing to the reality that the black political movement never achieved much furthermore they were punished for making efforts. The African repression continued to reign with the predominance of lynching, the blacks now started becoming violent despite the fact that lynching was on the rise and the blacks were also been weakened.   Racial injustices is another immense cause why lynching thrived as well, the white people concerned for killing the blacks knew they would go scot free even if they killed a black man even when a black man acted in self defense and ended up injuring or sometimes killing a white man the guilty was always the black man be punished for accusing a black man or putting him to death. Lynching became more common as a communal show; people were accepting the brutal killing of a black man in public. The terror that the black faced was brought about by lack of social protection from police.  


Lynching that took place in the 19th and 20th centuries was never studied properly to understand the impact it had in the lives of the blacks who lived during that period, while there are numerous instances where life become unbearable. Obviously being in a state of regular fear, experiencing the sense of denial, lack of one civil rights and importantly the taking of life. The predominance of lynching was at times because of support of the very people who were supposed to stop the terror, who would have thought that one of could stoop so low, to the extent judging people because of biological characteristics instead of seeing what they have to offer. The past is behind but power is still an issue which elicits emotions.

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