Reflecting Back on Administration in Healthcare Services

HAS 320-1401B-02

Phase 5 DB

Reflecting Back on Administration in Healthcare Services

Before entering into this course, I had a theory of the important role that administration played in organizations; especially in healthcare. However, after this course my theory was minuet compared to what I discovered and learned from this course. The most compelling topic to me was the week we discussed managerial functions, more specifically Corrective Action. In definition Corrective Action is pretty simple to understand, the purpose of identifying and eliminating causes of a problem by: correcting, molding, or improving performance or behavior that is job-related CITATION Ind10 l 1033 (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, 2010). Upon delving further into this topic; Corrective Action can be an essential tool for organizations, or healthcare facilities, to use to get employees performing at levels that they want or prefer. I think this tool gives managers a series of steps to remedy the problem before the final step of termination. This can go a long way in protecting organizations who do have to terminate employees due to misconduct or low performance levels from future wrongful termination lawsuits. Using a Corrective Action Plan serves as proof of the organization’s patience and willingness to work with the employee to fix the behavior, but the employee was unwilling or unable to amend the problem behavior.

Participation in discussions has always been a very important resource for me. I rather enjoy hearing from the different point of views or opinions on a particular subject or topic. It is quite interesting how a discussion on a subject matter can bring in so many different points of views as well as opinions. I consider myself to be very open-minded and willing to listen from everyone involved in the discussion. There is always room to learn something new and this is what the discussions do. They teach us about a subject matter, bring in a different point of view, and essentially force us to look at the subject matter from a different stance. This in the same turn can serve as a guiding light in sorts. More often than not, I have found myself pondering harder than needed on a particular topic, but after viewing a posting in the discussion board or attending a chat, I can immediately gain some footing on understanding what is being taught or discussed.

The only approach I can think of that could have been done differently for this course would be extending the time for this course. There are obviously way more topics involved in this course than we could touch upon in the allotted time. I have felt this way about several courses here at CTU. I personally think that Professor Christensen did a marvelous job thoroughly explaining the concepts entailed with this course. CTU is lucky to have her on their staff representing their institution.

For my fellow peers, some us may be graduating soon as some of us still have a ways to go. Whichever it may be, I hope nothing but the best for all of you. May your futures be bright and full of wonderful opportunities that bring you closer to achieving your dreams and your goals in life.


BIBLIOGRAPHY l 1033 Healey, B., & Marhese, M. (2012). Foundations of Health Care Management Principles and Methods. San Francisco: Wiley.

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. (2010). Corrective Action: A Supervisor’s Guide to Managing Performance. Retrieved from

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