Rhetorical Analysis Webbing for PBS’ “Sinking Cities Miami”

Catalina RoaENC 1102 8AM

Professor Terneus

January 25, 2021

Rhetorical Analysis Webbing for PBS’ “Sinking Cities: Miami”

A webbing helps organize your thoughts on a text and any evidence you want to use to back your thesis. Please answer the following questions to complete this webbing and kickstart your essay.

How did watching “Sinking Cites: Miami” change/affect the way you think about climate change in our city? (3-4 sentences)

They video helped me understand better what is going on in Miami right now, and what will happen in the future if we, as a community do not start to help our city.

It also changes my way of seeing things even more because the video showed me that every day, we are one step closer to Miami starting to disappear, and right now, no one is prepared for that.

Identify four different pieces of evidence from the documentary that support your view on climate change. Evidence can be quotes, screenshots, or descriptions of sounds from “Sinking Cities.” Ethos: “We were thinking of water surge of, I don’t know, 20, 30 feet, which means, I mean, it’s a whole house. It’s gone, I was prepared for the worst”.Logos: “60 percent of Miami is living paycheck to paycheck, and fully 66 percent of the city rents. They don’t own their houses”.

Pathos: “…but I never realized how you could wake up in the morning like this and find water at the doorstep of your house”.

Kairos: “By 2030, its expected that they will see about 50 tidal floods a year, and by 2045 about 250 times a year”.

Argue/describe how these pieces of evidence represent a certain rhetorical appeal and support your view on climate change. Ethos: This part of the conversation represents Ethos because she was talking about her experience with the past hurricane. Logos: This part represents Logos because It is talking about a certain situation in Miami but showing the exact numbers, in this case, the percentage.

Pathos: This part represents Pathos because it emphasizes the emotions, frustration and sadness that the person feels every time she sees the water raising up more and more.

Kairos: This part is Kairos because it is talking about a sequence of time in years of what will happen in the future.

Generate a sample thesis for your essay by completing this sentence.

After watching “Sinking Cities: Miami,” I now see climate change as a huge problematic due to the documentary’s use of appeals such as the see level raises, the hard times that a majority of the population is having, and the huge increase of floods every year.

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